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    Unhappy writng event listners ( seems complicated)

    Hi to all,
    Hope you all are fine. I have a recorder and now i want to add a JSlider in it. The problem is how i synchronize my slider with the time means when the record button is press the time start and slider move also as the time passes, and when some body press stop button the slider stops where it is, If he press pause button the slider stops and when he press play button the slider starts form the same place where it was when it was stop, and after recording the sound if some one want to hear recorded message, the slider moves with the recorded voice and synchronizes with the time also.Means my slider work as windows media player or real player or any other player slider works.
    This all seems complicated to me and i think it is complicated. Some one guide me how can i do this or an easy way to do this so its become less complicated. Any link for guidance.
    Thank You

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