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    Post how to resize an image

    hello friends.........
    i am in a fix .i have added a image to my jpanel but it's not occupying the entire there a way to resize the image so that it occupies the total panel.

    Also can can you suggest how can we write text on images

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    You probably draw your image via Graphics#drawImage(....) within your paintComponent method. Check out the Graphics API for the different overloads for that method. You may find one that suits your purposes well. To draw text, in the same paintComponent overridden method, call drawString on your Graphics object. To draw on the image, draw the string after you draw the image.

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    I'm no expert on this subject, but I have used Image.getScaledInstance to rescale an image. I have found that paint() methods get called a lot more often than I originally expected, and creating and saving a scaled image and using that until the panel size changes may produce a noticeable performance improvement...

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