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    Angry Add Image to JPanel


    I'm pretty new to Java so bear with me ;)

    I am looking for the simplest possible way to add a jpg image to display on a splash screen for a small game. The code I have been given uses JFrame to display the splash screen but also uses a graphics2D object to add items to the splash screen eg
    Graphics2D os = canvas.getOffscreenGraphics();
    os.drawString("Hold down a key depending on which limb(s) you want to move:", 100, 120);
    os.drawString("A - Left Arm", 100, 135);

    Basically just after the simplest way to add an image to the splash screen in the corner.

    Help is much appreciated ;)

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    This link may prove helpful: JavaRanch - Background Image On J Panel

    Please give the suggestion a try and feel free to come on back if it doesn't work fully for you.

    Best of luck and welcome to the forum!

    edit: moving this thread to the Swing forum for better topic alignment.
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