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    Exclamation Problem-----JFrame

    I am disabling a JPanel in a JFrame and trying to get another JPanel into the very same JFrame. I succeded in disabling the JPanel but unable to get the another JPanel into that JFrame. Plz help regarding this.

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    You will likely need to show code and give greater detail in your problem's description for others to be able to help you. I'm wondering if instead you would benefit by using a CardLayout, but again given the information that's available to us, this is just a guess.

    When posting code, please be sure to highlight the code after pasting it, and then pressing the code tag so that the code will retain its formatting and be readable. Best of luck.

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    CardLayout is an excellent solution for switching panels in the same JFrame.

    As the moderator has said, you should try to give more details on your problem and post some code for the rest to understand the problem better.

    Just guessing, I think your current problem is that the JFrame doesn't revalidate its contents and that's way your new added JPanel doesn't show up. Try calling revalidate() in the JFrame.

    Hope it helps.
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