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    Default Arial font displays boxes (mapped to Estrangelo Edessa??)

    I'd like to display text in Arial and I get boxes.
    After investigating this I realize something weird is going on:
    Font arial = new Font("Arial", 0, 12);
    arial.getFamily() = Estrangelo Edessa (!)

    I created a report of all available java font families and apparently Arial doesn't appear there (but Arial Black and other Arial type do).

    Has anyone ever seen this problem.
    Is there a way to set the java runtime font for already defined fonts? updating fontconfig didn't help.
    Do I need to change Windows font configurations (and how)?


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    That's a very strange problem. It may have to do with either your Windows or your Java installation. Try the program on a different machine before you do anything else. If that doesn't work, try some other common fonts. Possibly, it's just a typo in the font name, or a small programming error.

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