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    Default get the details from GUI screen into an java object.

    I need to find solution for the below requiremet.

    I have created 2 classes, say,
    Here uses GUI screen using swing.

    I need to get the details user entered in GUI screen through textbox into class1 after the user click enter button.

    So far i did like, I have created a object obj2 of class2 in class1 and call the GUI screen. But i couldnot able to get the details entered by user into class1.

    If anybody know, please tell how to get those details from GUI screen to

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    1) Have you considered having your GUI class hold an instance of the non-GUI class?
    2) Connect the two with a Control class that contains ActionListeners and other listeners.

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    just make class2 implement ActionListener interface and attach an action listener with the button in class1 by using addActionListener(ActionListener a) method.

    Pass the object of class2 to the above method with textfiekds reference in the constructor.....

    than call the the getText() method of textfield in class2's actionPerformed() get the result

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    There are different approches:

    1. You can have a reference to the class containing the user data in the other class.
    2. You can have an ActionListener (or other listeners) to listen to the user. The listener would be instantiated in the class1 and you can add it to class2 by having, for example, a getListenerForClass2() in you class1.
    3. You can use the Observer pattern.
    4. You can use Property firing.

    For me, the easiest way would be the first one.

    Hope it helps.
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