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    Default Mbox File and JTree Problem.

    Hi everyone,

    I have a question,

    I have an mbox email file that contains a number of emails along with all its info, ie header, attachments etc.

    Now i am developing a project to forensically analyse emails.

    My questions is, how would i go about scanning the mbox file and extracting the following information for each email,
    eg: Deleivered To info
    The subject line.
    I want to place this into a JTree to display in an Internal Frame. I would like the delivered to to be the parent of root and the subject line to be its child. also if there are several delivered to that are the same i would like the subject line to appear in the one delivered to so as to avoid duplicates. Essentially a hierarchical structure like a file structure except for emails.

    I have tried a few approaches but cannot get a good implementation.
    What data strucuture would be most efficient in this situation. I have up to this point being using arrayLists and JTrees. :)



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    Start by creating a class to represent an e-mail. Then build a List of these classes. From there, decide how to display the contents of the list. Internal frames should only be used if you are creating a MIDI display. Just use a JFrame with a main JPanel for starting out. Also, JTree is not the best approach for displaying a simple list. If you want to categorize your e-mails, then create classes to represent your category scheme. Once you have a working model of your data, creating a UI to display it will be much easier.

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