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    Lightbulb Help....Sufferring from Performance realted problem...!


    I am doing a project, a java desktop application. I am suffering from performance related problem in proj. Actually there is one jPanel(inside jInternalFrame, which is obvious inside main frame) which contains around 30 labels 30 TextArea fields 2 buttons(huge amount of GUI components placed on that), and it is too large to be fit into a desktop screen. that's why i have used a jScrollpane and placed jPanel on that. But now major problem is whenever i run a project it takes too much time, around 4 to 8 minutes. I think it is just because of huge amount of GUI components are placed in that jPanel which is placed inside jScrollpane & i think that jScrollPane is a lightweight component. But then 4-8 mins is a too much time to load a project. Can you tell me that is there any other way to put a large form inside a fixed (small) area without affecting performance of project.

    In short i want to put a too many swing components inside a fixed area. Is there any other way apart from using jScrollPane?

    What should i do in this case? Plz reply....


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    which contains around 30 labels 30 TextArea fields 2 buttons
    That's not a huge number of components there and shouldn't take a long time to load. Are you having to get data from some source such as a database or an online source? I'll bet that your bottleneck is coming from something else, and not the rendering of the GUI code.

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