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    Default Copy part of an image to another

    EDIT: I guess this should have been posted under the Java 2D forum. I'll repost there so this one can be deleted.


    I seem to be having some difficulty copying part of one image to another image.

    BufferedImage source // 160 pixels x 224 pixels
    BufferedImage dest // 16 pixels by 16 pixels

    What I want to do is copy a 16x16 tile from source into dest. Lets say I want to copy tile 2,2 (pixels 32-48, 32-48)

    example :

    Graphics g = dest.getGraphics();
    g.drawImage(source, 0, 0, 16, 16, 32, 32, 16, 16, null);

    This bit of code doesn't work because it seems to try to squish the entire source image into the destination image. Then I found some code that says use Graphics.setClip():

    Graphics g = dest.getGraphics();
    g.drawImage(source, 0, 0, null)

    But that doesn't work either.

    I must be missing something simple because it can't be that hard to pick out a 16 x 16 tile from an image thats 160 x 224 pixels big.
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    Default Possible solution

    I'm not sure how efficient this would be, but I would create another BufferedImage that is the size of the tile you want:

    BufferedImage tile = new BufferedImage(16,16,BufferedImage.<whatever type>);

    Then I would draw to it with an offset that would result in only the correct region being drawn:

    Graphics g = tile.getGraphics();

    tile should now contain the region you're looking for.

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