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    Default Help with Move Shape

    I have been able to create simple forms that can accept and store user entered data, as well as perform multiple actions through the use of buttons. No Problem.

    Next I would like to work with drawing shapes and giving the user the ability to interact with them. This is where I’ve hit a wall.

    This is probably very simple just not sure where to start (aside from “googling”). Basically all I am trying to do is:
    • Have a window pop-up with a rectangle in it.
    • Allow the user to move that rectangle anywhere within that window.

    I have been searching the net but all the examples seem to go way above and beyond what I am after…
    Just looking for something to get the ball rolling.
    Can someone point me to some simple tutorials that perform the above, or provide some code?

    Currently researching different packages that may be useful/required.

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    Question the use of method translate()

    It that the best solution to drag the shape to move? Why it doesn't use the method translate to achieve that? Wouldn't that be easier?

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