hi all..

i have a task to do, where

1. its displays the number of files in a directory as radio buttons(text files).
2. allows user to choose from those
3. on the selected file's data i need to do check the numbr of colmns it has, i finally need to plot a graph from the file data
4.text file data is like

1.110, -146.01,
1.172, -146.87,
1.235, -147.60,
1.297, -148.74,
1.359, -149.45,
1.422, -150.16,
1.484, -151.03,
1.546, -151.56,
1.609, -152.31,
1.671, -152.99,
1.733, -153.76,
1.796, -154.51,
1.858, -155.06,
1.920, -155.84,
1.982, -156.17,
2.045, -156.96,
2.107, -157.54,
2.169, -158.13,
2.232, -158.84,
2.294, -159.37

and i need to finally see if there are only 2 columns then i need to insert another column with all zeros in it.
plot graph wid value of these colmns considering them as frequency and real part of input voltage..

i have the code for files in a directory where names of files is stored in an array(in java)...
now how do i redirect that array to my applet so that i can create an array of radio buttons equal to
the size of array, of my inital java code(file names array)....... finally my applet shud display each name of file as radio button..
i also have my code for radio buttons but i m findin trouble to combine both of them..

kindly tell me if i have chosen a wrong platform to work on..
or please suggest me , the rite language to work on..
can this be done in swings,as i do not have much knowlegde abt swings , kindly help