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    Default Help needed for using popup in Java


    I need to have image as tooltip. Is it possible. If yes how. I dont want to use applet. When i scroll over the label in my frame the pop up containing the image should be displayed. How can this be done.

    And how can multi line tool tip texts be given. I use Netbeans IDE. If i enter the text in the Column "ToolTip Text" only the text is displayed. So how do i use a multi line tool tip.

    Reply needed Urgently. Thank you.

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    Did you try to workaround with mouse events on JFrame? Use MouseListener on JFrame. On the listener event try to open a JFrame with an image.

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    Override createToolTip and return a custom subclass of JToolTip. And what does using or not using Applet have to do with the question anyways?


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