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    Default CheckBox Jlist items

    Hello there.

    I'm very new in developing Swing apps yet i've got a kind of complicated project to develop.
    It would be a big help for my project to have a JList whose items where checkBoxes or any similar component with this behaviour. This component shouldn't have a limit of items since the items displayed depend of the selection in the previous Jlist. I cant seem to find any component like this anywhere.
    Any sugestions?

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    a JList whose items where checkBoxes
    You can do this by wriing/providing a ListCellRenderer for you list. Both the JList and ListCellRenderer api comments have example code. Also the tutorial page for JList mentions this in the section Writing a Custom Cell Renderer.
    If you want the JCheckBoxes to be editable by the user you would need to also provide an editor. I don't see any provisions for editors in the JList api. So I would try a JTable with a single column and no header. JTable provides support for both cell renderers and cell editors. The tutorial page for JTable use has discussion about these: How to Use Tables.

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