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    Smile How to obtain the name of the JMenuItem?

    Hi there!

    I need some help, how do I get the name of the JMenuItem that the user pressed? I've got some JMenuItems all use the same class "catalogue":
    iCatalogue = new JMenuItem(subcatalogo);
    iCatalogue1 = new JMenuItem(subcatalogo);

    But they are used on different JMenu:

    When I click on Catalogue (the submenu inside of both customer and bill) appears a new JFrame where I put some JButtons: Insert, Update... I need that when the user clicks on Insert (for instance) I need to know the name of the JMenu (if it was Customer or Bill) where the user clicked on

    In other words, I need to know the name of the JMenu where the JMenuItem was in. How can I do that?

    Since now, thanks for the help!

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    JMenu has method getPopupMenu() which return a JPopupMenu
    A JMenuItem contained in a JPopupMenu performs exactly that function

    do you have idea now?

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