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    Default HELP with jPanels

    Using netbeans I've created new JFrame object with JPanel inside. Now I want to add new Jpanel object and add it to a previous JPanel.
    Something like this:

    Java Code:
    package p;
    public class mainFrame extends javax.swing.JFrame {
         public mainFrame() {
             super("New Frame");
             JPanel panel1 = new JPanel();
             panel2 p2=new panel2();
    public class panel2 extends javax.swing.JPanel {
         public panel2() {
            jLabel2 = new javax.swing.JLabel();
            jLabel1 = new javax.swing.JLabel();
    public class Main  {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
               mainFrame M = new mainFrame();
    Of course, the new panel2 won't show in the mainFrame...please help...

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    The problem is with your use of layout manager. You should read the Sun Swing tutorial on this subject which you can find here: Lesson: Laying Out Components Within a Container (The Java™ Tutorials > Creating a GUI with JFC/Swing)

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