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    Default Help with pictures en Java

    Recently, I found that initialzing a new ImageIcon in the paint function is a terrible thing to do, as it will always look for the image which will slow the game down and/or flicker.
    So the solution to this problem is to define the ImageIcon in the class, and call the picture in public void init or something.

    However, would I have to do this process for 100++ pictures? I tried to use and array to load all my pictures, but then I had a problem finding the one I needed. Is there another solution to stop the game from being so slow/flickering?
    Or just a better way to do this in general?

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    Can you associate the pictures with some type of string?
    Such as the filename or something of that sort?
    That way you can look it up in a hashmap which will give you as close as O(1) time as you're going to get.
    There is also included a way to get the entrySet from the hashmap if you need to go through each of them.
    This is included in the API:

    Basically I think you need to look into ways to optimizing the whole thing. It may be worth wild to do a search on Google about optimizing java code. Besides that without looking at the code I can't tell you much else about it.


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