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    Question How to Display Hindi Characters?

    i am working on a Hindi OCR project.and i need to display Hindi Characters in a TextField in the GUI.

    i have UNICODE set for Hindi.
    So is there any way to display the character in the GUI textfield using the Unicode?

    In this case i have to display only one character.

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    Java uses Unicode, and Unicode, afaik, supports Hindi. You don't "set" Unicode. However, not all *fonts* support all Unicode characters.

    I found an open source font family I really like called Deja Vu. I now use for just about everything. Apart from the fact it looks good (especially the monospace, for text editors), its team's goal is to support as much of the Unicode character set as they can. I suggest seeing if

    1. The font you are using supports Hindi, which I suspect it does not.

    2. If Deja Vu does, which I suspect is does.

    The easiest way to test is to use a word processor's insert special character functions.

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