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    Default How to place components on JPanel

    Dear friends,
    i have a problem that i cant place components in proper order on JPanel. I dont know how to use method .setBounds() of a perticular component while placing on JPanel.

    Please help me
    as soon as possible

    Thank you.

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    You may get better help if you post your code since that way we can see what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. For instance, I would assume that you are adding components to a JPanel that uses the "null" layout (myPanel.setLayout(null);), but I could be wrong. You could have left the JPanel's layout alone, and thus are using the default FlowLayout.

    Regardless, the most important thing that you can do here is to go to the Sun Swing tutorials and read up on the layout managers and how to use them. you are far better off not using null layout and setBounds but instead using proper layouts such as GridLayout, BorderLayout, FlowLayout, and BoxLayout. I'd avoid GridBagLayout and SpringLayout for now.

    Good luck and HTH.

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