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    Default Printing Help...

    Hey guys,
    U all know all in java JComponent can be printed. But i want to preview them before printing in Landscape Orientation. I have done lots of digging & googling..
    But most of the solutions for the previewing only the Printable object such as JtextPane, JEditorpane, textfields, textarea....

    I have one JPanel in which i have lots of labels whose values are loaded from the database . for eg: marksheet of student....
    Now i wanted to Preview this JPanel in some Preview window with capability of zooming & changing page orientation etc..

    SO please guys anyone who has faced such problem or know the solution help me out...
    Its really urgent....

    Thanks in Advance....

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    Anything that's Printable has to render onto a graphics context, which means you can render it onto an offscreen buffer as well, and then display that. The steps are, create a BufferedImage of the desired size, get it's graphics context, call 'print' on your top level Printable with that graphics context, then display your image in another component :

    Java Code:
    final BufferedImage preview = new BufferedImage(...size etc...);
    Graphics graphics = preview.getGraphics();
    {your Printable}.print(g, {a suitable page format}, pageNum);
    JComponent customComp = new JComponent() {
      public void paintComponent(Graphics g) {
    ...add your compont to some content pane on some frame somwhere and see your preview...
    ...when all done, don't forget this!

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