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    Default passing text from a class to a gui class

    Hi, I have a class a server class and a serverGUI class. Now the server class creates sockets etc and I need to display messages in the serverGUI (in a texfield), as soon as the socket is created. However, since I cant access the texfield from the server class I can't do this.

    Any help pls?
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    Default Don't double/cross post!!!

    Don't double or/and cross post... it angers the people trying to help you and you won't get an answer any faster by doing it.

    You already have an answer in the other post:

    Chris S.
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    I have to second what Chris wrote. We are all volunteers here donating time to help others. No one likes wasting their time by answering a question that was already answered elsewhere in a cross-post. Please don't cross-post.

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