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    Default Built-in User Popup message boxes ?

    I want to display a quick popup box with some hard-coded text, in a different classes, just to make sure the code is getting there.

    It'd be great if there was a one-liner like : UserMsg.Popup("Your text here");

    Are there any built-in or utilities that i can call ?
    Or do i have to write my own ?

    All my search attempts haven't uncovered anything yet, maybe i'm using the wrong keywords.

    This isn't an applet, so i can't use the "Alert" or "Confirm" calls, or can i ?
    I'm writing Java, Java 6, in an Eclipse platform.
    If so, what do i need to import ?


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    look into either JOptionPane.showXXX type calls (check out the API for details), or write to the console via System.out.println.

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