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    Default quick choises in JoptionPane

    Hey everybody

    I'm using joptionPane for chosing from list.

    The problem is that is too demanding - when the dialog is opened , first i have to press the arrow that show the list possibilities, then chose my option , and then - confirm with ok.

    How can I speed things up - - so the list will automaticly apears and removing the need for confirm ?

    Java Code:
    String s = (String)JOptionPane.showInputDialog(
    			                    "Chose From the list",
    			                    "Customized Dialog",

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    The short answer, as far as I know, is "no".

    Some Swing components are very good about allowing you to type the first letter of the option, and the list will shift to that point. I believe JComboBox does that, which is part of JOptionPane. Also, JTree allows you to type several letters, and it will continue positioning the list to the specific list entry that starts with those letters.

    All I can suggest is to try out typing characters...

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    Yes, this is not possible with input dialogs. As Steve says, JComboBox do that. Search the forum, you can find the quite similar example coded by hardwired.

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