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    Default Can we Add lib folder insdie Project JAR file ?

    Hi Guys,
    While we are creating a build of swing application project with the help of IDE then IDE will create a <project name>.jar file and one lib folder contains all libraries.

    My point is that can we include the lib folder inside <project name>.jar file so it would be better to just make a single file instead of having two separate files i.e. jar and lib folder.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Eclipse has an Export.Export to Runnable JAR that does this. It looks at the Run configuration you select and creates the JAR file based on what it finds there.

    It gives a warning saying it is repacks libraries, so I assume it opens any JAR's it finds, extracts the contents to a directory format, and the includes it in the JAR.

    That doesn't sound too difficult to do manually. Make sure you don't violate anyone's license. Also, you will lose all signed JAR information from the JAR's you repack.

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