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    Default Cursor Size

    What is the size of the cursor?
    I don't see this documented, but I believe, through trial and error, that the size of the cursor is 32 x 32.

    I've tried creating cursors of different sizes and they seem to be transformed automatically to 32 x 32. (Stretched or shrunk as necessary.)

    And I don't see any way to change the cursor size.

    Maybe it is platform dependent? (I'm on Win XP.)

    What do you think?

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    It's certainly platform dependent.

    You can call Toolkit's getBestCursorSize() method to find out the nearest supported size to a given preferred cursor size -- this is the size to which Java/the system will convert a custom cursor of that size.

    As far as Java is concerned, it certainly appears to want to set any given cursor to a single size (as you say, 32x32)-- this is the behaviour that is documented to occur when the system in question supports only a single cursor size. I couldn't tell you for definite if XP really does impose that restriction, but as far as setting the cursor in Java is concerned, the bottom line is the same...

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