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    Default using J-classes or extend them ?


    As I'm teaching myself the art of GUI using swing , I usually find two manners for using the swing J componnets: I'm new in Java , so I'm not quite realize the differnences between them - can you help me?

    1: just use them, make Jframe and JPanel and Jbuttons and add them ext..

    2: extend - I saw in some example that instead of create JPanel , a new calss is created by extending the JPAnel class: (for example)
    Java Code:
    class ButtonPanel extends JPanel
    3: implement them ( mainly for actionlistener) - for example
    Java Code:
    class Lnr_3 implements ActionListener {			
    			 Lnr_3 ()
    				 //constructor			}
    			public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {
    // the method itself....
    							}// end of actionPerf

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    These classes are no different from other classes, and you use them in the way that works best in the situation at hand.

    Having said that, I sense that with OOP programming in general, there has been a trend recently to avoid extending by inheritance and instead trying to extend more by composition, and this trend can be seen with Swing code as well.

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