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    Default difference between swing and swt?

    can any one explain what is the differece between java swing GUI programs
    and SWT GUI programs?

    is SWT a alternative for java AWT?


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    Default Swing vs. SWT

    There is a good article at:

    Basically Swing came first and it was written by Sun. Every widget is emulated, ie. not native OS code. The first few versions were not very fast and sometimes didn't match the look and feel of the OS. IBM came along with Eclipse and wanted a faster, more native looking set of widgets and they came up with SWT. They also emulate widgets when not available on the OS like Tree or Table widgets. In the meantime Sun continued to improve Swing and there are many arguments as to which is better.

    IMHO Swing is much richer and easier to use, but if you are writing plugins for Eclipse or absolutely need the speed advantage, you'll need to use SWT. The API's are similar but different enough to cause a fairly steep learning curve when switching between the two. Swing does have more features than SWT and is my preferred choice.

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