Hi everyone!

I've got two applications. One of them make changes in the components of the other one through the Accessibility API. (Both are running on the same VM)
I make changes without problem in JButton, JTextComponent...
But I've got a JComboBox with 4 options, and the "reader/writer" application has to select the third option, and I can't get a way to do this with Accessibility.
I can see the JComboBox and its internal structure (a Viewport, a BasicPopUp, a JPanel, ScrollButtons, a ComboList, and the four options).
The only available action is in the JComboBox and is the togglePopUp that toggles it without problem.
But I can't get a way to select one of the options of the toggled up pop up.

Does anybody has an example code for doing this?

Thank you a lot!