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    Default dynamic generation of tables

    hi i am able to dynamically generate tables when i click a sub menu item. but when i click another submenu item i am not getting the table data. i think somewhere i am missing revalidat() or repaint() methods. where exactly i should place these methods i dont know. i used revalidate() method after the table is attached to the panel then the second time i am able to display table as per another menu item but when i click on the table data it shows the table data of the first menu item.
    i will explain u clearly....i have a menubar with menu it two menu items ONE and TWO. i have to generate dynamic tables based on ONE and TWO menu items. i am to display table based on ONE menu item but the second time when i click on TWO menu item i am able to get the table based on TWO but when i click on the table it changes to the previous table data (i.e. ONE table data)......hope you understand the problem..................

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    ah, still asking unanswerable questions, I see. And without replying to responses on earlier posts too.

    I wish you luck, masa. You're gonna need it.


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