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    Default JTable Combo Box Row Selection Problem

    I have a problem with my Table in the project. I have 10 Columns in the Table, the 4th and 10th column are significant to explain this problem.

    In the 10th column I have a combo box and in the 3rd Column I have a TextBox. The values for the Text Box is dependent directly on the values of the corresponding row Combo Box using some logical Lookup as shown in the enclosed if (row != -1) loop of the below function.

    Java Code:
    myComboofColumn9 = new TableCellCombo(detailTable) {
    			public void setSelectedItem(Object item) {
    				int row = detailTable.getSelectedRow();
                                    System.out.println("rowvalue is : "+row);
    				if (row != -1) {
    					TableCellValue value = (TableCellValue) (detailTable
    							.getValueAt(row, 9));
    					String id = value.getId();
    					Vector kQs = ResourceLOVS.getInstance().getKq();
    					Iterator iter = kQs.iterator();
    					LovObject lov;
    					while (iter.hasNext()) {
    						lov = (LovObject) (;
    						if (lov.getId().equals(id)) {
    							detailTable.setValueAt(new TableCellValue(lov
    									.getRule()), row, 3);
    The first time I select a myComboofColumn9 of a particular row my rowvalue is the correct Row. Lets say I selected the 2nd row. So it prints 1 (as row indexes start from 0)

    Now Lets say I just click on the rightmost part of the myComboofColumn9 of row 3 and not select anything (as in by clicking just the arrow and leaving it thereby combo just appears and disappears), setselected item is called this time printing 2 again and not 3. So my logic is run and Row 2 Text Box value is changed and not the 3rd.

    This goes on as I switch, every time selecting one row older. I suspect that because the older combo box is still highlighted. How do I make this work.

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    Just another cross poster.
    Swing - JTable Combo Box Row Selection Problem


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    Quote Originally Posted by Darryl.Burke View Post
    Just another cross poster.

    Mate. Its a doubt and I need help. I never got any answer from the Sun Java Forums.

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