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Thread: Database Grid

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    Default Database Grid

    Hello everyone! I am glad to join your community.
    I am doing java client for oracle database. I need have good grid for database records. I looked into JTable and concluded that it is not linked resultset from oracle.
    When I was VB developer we had a grid that took resultset object reference as parameter or something like that. It meant when a user updated a grid the result set was also modified and you could easily submit modified data to the database. I would like to have something like that in java.

    I would appreciate your help.

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    Default If VB suits your requirements better, why struggle with Java?

    No, there's no standard component. And most Java programmers would consider it bad design to even reference a ResultSet from a GUI class.

    Google for "MVC" (Model View Controller) and/or Object Oriented Programming.


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