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Thread: awt and swings

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    hi all
    i am new to java swings. As i was given a task on image annotation, i am trying to do i need all the guru's help to acheive this. i would like to know how to start the application. my requirement is " I have to upload an image and do some annotations on it such as drawing text,circles,rectangles,polygons as well as image mirroring,fit to window height...and erase the drawings there any source available to start this if so please kindly help in it....i will be very thankful to u....else tell how to do this.........sorry for poor english....
    thanks in advance

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    Default swing and awt

    i think u are not clear with swing and awt s concept..
    so take some help from book example u can easily find what u want..
    for swing u can check java swing -O'Reilly

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    This sounds like homework, and as such, the burden of effort needs to be yours. I recommend that you do as much as you can without getting code or help from others. Then only after doing this if you still are having problems, come back with a specific question regarding your code.

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