Hello All,
I am trying to divide my data into pages.I am using MS-SQL.As there is no limit command in MS-SQL and there is only TOP command.
By TOP command I am only able to get top 20 data but what about the remaining data.
I am unable to give the logic for.
Please help me ASAP.

Here I am mentioning the qurry:-

SELECT TOP 5 [CRVMReq].[ReqId],[CRVMReq].[ClientReq],[CRVMReq].[ResumeSample] as RS, [CRVMReq].[Priority], [CRVMReq].[Subject],[CRVMReq].[ByPass], [CRVMReq].[ConsultantNames] as [ConsultantNamesAll],[CRVMReq].[Rec1],[CRVMReq].[Rec2], [CRVMReq].[Note] FROM CRVMReq
WHERE ReqStatusPool NOT like 'FOCUS' and ReqStatus like 'OPEN' and ReadyTD='YES' order by Date desc