Dear Friends

I am creating a class EditableTable (Bean component) that has a set for maintaining editable comlumn indexs.

Java Code:
public TreeSet<Integer> editableColumnIndexes=new TreeSet<Integer>();
I have created following function in this class:-

Java Code:
     * If we change the editable condition of Column/Cell then we have to call this method.
    public void updateEditableColumns() {
        for (int colIndex = 0; colIndex < getColumnCount(); colIndex++)
Now, Whenever programmer (Who will use this bean component) made changes in model such as:

Java Code:
editableTable1 = new gajesh.widget.EditableTable();
editableTable1.setModel(new javax.swing.table.DefaultTableModel(
            new Object [][] {
                {null, null, null, null, null},
                {null, null, null, null, null},
                {null, null, null, null, null},
                {null, null, null, null, null},
                {null, null, null, null, null}
            new String [] {
                "Title 1", "Title 2", "Title 3", "Title 4", "Title 5"
        ) {
            Class[] types = new Class [] {
                java.lang.Object.class, java.lang.Integer.class, java.lang.Integer.class, 

java.lang.Object.class, java.lang.Boolean.class
            boolean[] canEdit = new boolean [] {
                false, true, true, false, true

            public Class getColumnClass(int columnIndex) {
                return types [columnIndex];

            public boolean isCellEditable(int rowIndex, int columnIndex) {
                return canEdit [columnIndex];
Then user must call expicitly:
Java Code:
I WANT TO avoid this explicitly call of updateEditableColumns() i.e. User whenever change editable conidition of column/cell then

What method should be overriden by me in class EditableTable?
What listener should be add int EditableTable's Constructor?