Sub.: Event after comit the value in cell editor after pressing 'Return'/'Enter' key

I am creating my own EditableTable (Bean component) which extends JTable. This table will bring us to next editable cell with editor focused when user press Enter key.

I have 3-problems:-

1. How can I invoke my source code when user press 'Enter' (Return) key.
Which function should be overriden by me.
2. I want to restrict my Table so that it has at least one row. i.e. User can not remove all rows.
{Is overriding of setRowCount() for this requirement is sufficient OR need more}
3. I want that my table has one fix column at left most. But still first column should be accessed by User (that will use my bean component) using index "0"
So if U have already done this work, then give me idea.