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    Default Custom painter for standard component

    Using the IDE graphical layout tool (Palette?) I have created a UI with many nested components. I have a Tabbed Pane which has standard components in most of the tabs. I want one tab to contain a a Scroller with a component (e.g. a Panel called "foo") with a custom painter and mouse handler.

    Everything works except the painting of the Panel called foo. Foo can receive mouse updates, but it just won't paint. I bet I have missed something fundamental.

    Is there some model code I can copy? I just can't find an example where a standard component has been overridden with a custom painter. Do I have to create the whole UI programatically, and punt on the graphical layout tool?


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    Can you post your code for the panel foo? Perhaps with in a small simple program what can be compiled and tested.
    What is a "custom painter"?

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