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    Default Swing Graphic interface

    I am in process to develop a drawing software in swing ,for this i had created a AWT frame and aother components like Toolbar and menu are designed in swing now i am confused that is any standard desing patter avilable for this type of applicatin.

    Please Help


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    Default RE: Swing Graphic interface

    I think he's looking for something similar to your drawing applet tutorial, but swing.

    As for which pattern to use. Other than MVC, I'm not familar enough with what you are trying to do to suggest a pattern.


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    Default RE: Swing Graphic interface

    This isn't very specific information. As i mentioned previously, you'll probably want to use MVC to put your application together.

    Also don't feel obligated to use a specific pattern. As you've found out when you tried to shoe horn your application into the visitor pattern which didn't work as expected. Why can't you modify your app to work with what you already have? Patterns are general guidelines, just because your code doesn't match the textbook definition, doesn't mean you can't tweak it.

    If you do tweak the visitor pattern a little to fit, let us know what you did so we can check it out and possibly add it to our Pattern Catalogs

    Here's a bunch of patterns you can sift through online pattern catalog. Please check this link


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