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    Default program flow

    I am starting off with a small project in which the output from one java program should be the input to another java program and it continues.

    First, I am only dealing with text data; later on, I have to develop it into GUI application.

    In the java desktop application I have to work with frames.

    For the time being, I only need to know how to store the string output from an java application. And then, I can access that string from the second application and so forth.

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    Default File file = new File(...

    Java Code:
    File file_variable = new File("filename.dat");//
    FileWriter file_writer = new File(file_variable);
    String string_from_program = new String(program_result);//
    The code is written to state the procedure of doing what you ask, it is not exactly the way easiest done, and is probably technically incorrect.
    Introduction to Programming Using Java.
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