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    just created this app i'd like to share.(it for my school project).
    i'm a newbie (2 months) so have mercy.

    well its good mainly for newbies who have written and run a program and want to save it somwhere.

    Main points.
    1. You can only store whole program files(so far ).
    2. It'll all get stored on 1 file.
    3. you can choose it from a list and cmpile that program.
    and even execute it.
    4.incase you also want to compile you'll have to search for tools.jar file
    (should be in Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_07\lib)
    4.1 make a folder named 'lib' in the directory where this program is.
    annd place tools.jar in it
    5.try not to add comments in the pgm that contain the keyword 'class'
    before the actual class

    For those who are more experienced give your opinion.
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