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    Question Error using Swing

    I have used javax.swing , java.awt , java.awt.event.*. I am getting warnning will compliing
    [deprecation] show() in java.awt.window have been deprecated 1 warning

    What is the meaning

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    This means precisely what it says: don't use the show() method, use something else. This is because the Sun folks have decided that show is out of date, perhaps even dangerous to use, that better options are available. This of course begs the question, which other method should I use? Fortunately for us, the answer is readily available in the API. If you go to to the Window API and look up the show() method you'll see the answer.

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    This means that you should not use show() method as it was used in previous versions but might not available in future.So, you should use its alternative which is available.

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