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    Default Searching a String from Text file using Swings .

    hi friends .i am pradeep.i want a program to search using JButton in Swings.
    i have text file called u.txt and in that file code and description both fields are there .
    if i enter any word related to the fields of u.txt file and when i click the the button it should print the whole values about that word from that text file .
    so i am trying for it .but it is not correct .plz anybody help me .plz it is urgent .

    so i am waiting for solution.plz kindly help me .
    ok bye bye friends and developers

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    This is not really a Swing question. Or is it? You are not telling us what part is giving you difficulty: getting user input from the GUI (a Swing problem) or searching the textfile looking for a match (an IO and String problem).

    but it is not correct .
    This doesn't tell us much about what your problem is.

    plz anybody help me .plz it is urgent .
    This statement may have the opposite effect that you intend. I'd avoid using this sort of statement in the future.

    Good luck

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    there is with nio API pattern search possibility, but also you can make simple i/o read line by line and then search from it String.

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    You should use separator for field name and its value and fetch line by line from file and separate that line into 2 strings using substring.One for field and one for its value.Then in the string of field for your keyword and print other string when maches.

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    Default Setting Classpath for Struts

    hi friends .good morning .i want to run struts application manually.
    how to set the classpath for struts on my machine .
    so plz help me .
    any help should be appriciated .
    ok bye bye

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