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    Default Searching a string from a text file using Swing Buttons

    hi friends ,i am pradeep from Mysore .i want to a program using Button .if i enter some text into tetxtfield and click on search button .then it should be able to search in the text file for that string and it should print the all related strings of it .

    if anybody plz help me in this issue .
    if possible it should display the tree structure of that file like
    root node
    --node one
    ----node two
    ------node three

    like that .so plz friends kindly i am requesting u all .anyone should help me plz .i want it within two days .i hope i may get the soution from one of my friends .so i am waiting for replay .

    bye bye bye bye

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    Are you taking a computer course?
    Do you take courses to learn or do you just want to be able to add an entry to your CV?

    Write some code to solve your problem, post the code when you have problems with it along with any error messages.

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    Thumbs up Database Access In GUI

    Hello fellows: :confused:
    I m trying to access datbase formed in ms access in Jframe by clicking on a button. But it is not working properly. If any body have any tutorial or can solve it personlaly please do. Its urgent...

    Thanks for advancement.

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