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    Default HelpNeeded!!!Facing Problems in a Project

    (i hope i'm using the right terms so correct me if i'm wrong )
    There are two classes: Purpose(main Class) and Manager
    Using NetBeans and bothclasses are in the same package
    ( code below)

    Objective:the each button from Purpose.class will open its Manager.class
    with its respective JComboBox content

    Problem:1.Purpose compiles fine.But in Purpose i've put icons for JButton
    Q.How do i make the icon cover the whole JButton do i send data to Manager class
    Q.after Building the icons Dissappear(though i used Url)
    2.Manager during shows : Exception in thread main"
    at Manager.main(
    BUILD SUCCESSFUL //But Does not show any window
    Q.Since depending on Button pressed in main
    strings will be sent to the JcomboBox in Manager
    respectively.How do i come about that is there a better way.

    PS. I am a beginner and am learning form the tutorials online.So if any suggestions to write my code code better(or some other form of expressing it) will be appreciated.

    also i'm having a lot of trouble with Layout and Alignment .
    would like to have a layout like this for Manager.
    Ps.Attaching the layout desired

    any link you'd like me to read that are already posted(having trouble find the right keyword to enter in the search )
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails HelpNeeded!!!Facing Problems in a Project-layout-purpose.jpg   HelpNeeded!!!Facing Problems in a Project-layout-manager.jpg  
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    Exception in thread main"
    at Manager.main(
    Look at line 76 in and see how the index could be out of bounds.
    What was the value of the index when you got the above error?
    Without the full text of the error message and the source code lines, no one can help you.

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    Default txt file

    the code is in the Txt file attachment and line 76 is in main

    public static void main(String args[]){
    int n=Integer.parseInt(args[0]); //line 76
    new Manager(n);


    Didnt post the code(directly) because its takes quite some space.
    should i post the enitre code
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