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    Default Java Swing GUI Windows XP Flickering Probelm


    I developed a Java Swing GUI in Windows 2000 and the GUI displayed fine, however, trying to run the same Application in Windows XP causes GUI painting issues (Lot of Flickering Issues). Some of the Screens Continuously FLICKER. The flickering is so rapid that I just can't type anything on the flickering screen. It works perfectly when I tested it with Windows 2000.

    Details of the Screen which has problems;

    Its a JSplitpane, the left portion contains a JTree and the right portion contains a TabbedPane with 4 Tabs.

    One of the tabs contains

    4 COmbo Boxes
    5 buttons
    & A JTable with 9 Columns, 4 of the columns of which have Combo Boxes.

    My Entire Swing Application is made up of Custom Java Swing Components

    Details of My System Are Given Below

    Theme Used: Windows XP

    Screen Resolution : 1024 * 768 pixels

    Color Quality : Medium (16 Bit)

    Graphics CARD : intel 82945G Express Chipset FAmily

    Monitor Refresh Rate : 75 HTZ

    Hardware Acceleration : Full

    I tried the following

    1. Java.exe -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true MyClass (Failed)

    2. I use the Windows XP Desktop Theme. The flickering problems is mostly observed when this is set. When I change to Windows Classic Theme the application runs fine without any Flickering but with some loss of Look and feel colors. I wonder how my application is depenedent on the theme. But this is what I noticed.

    Can you please help me.


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    Hi Hemanth,

    Did you solve this problem?

    I have the same problem with my GUI on my Windows XP.


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