I've been spinning my wheels trying to figure out how to display a Screencast file from my Java Stand Alone App. I've looked at JavaFX, Quick Time Java [QTJ], Flash and Flex and have not found a satisfactory solution.

Ideally, I want to produce a dialog window and show the given Screencast within that dialog using a Java only solution. If Java only is not advisable, my next criteria would be the ability to include the Screencast Run-Time player within my deployment files.

I can produce the Screencast in any format required [using Quick Time PRO on my Mac OS X node] but would ideally select one format to be displayed on the Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms.

FYI: My Java application currently uses Java 1.4.2. I am developing on both the Win XP 2nd Edition and the Mac OS X Leopard platforms using Eclipse as my IDE.

Could you please suggest the best approach?