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    Question Please Help!!!!Its Urgent

    Hi Everyone,
    I am new to Java and Netbeans. I am working on the same GUI project and need your Help!!

    I have two queries and since i am new,please if possible explain step by step.:o

    1.) How can I load the contents of data stored in sometext.txt file when i click the JCombo box?? Also, if i enter a new string not existing in text, it should display a message and add the new entered data into the sometext.txt file.
    2.) How can i input the contents of table.txt file (which has characters seperated by Tab) into a JTable into specific rows and columns??. Again, the txt should add and update the new entered data.

    I dont want to use any databse connection!!

    Explainations with Examples/Attachments will be greatly and truly appreciated:D

    Please Please Help me ASAP as i have to submit this assignment by next week!!

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    See answer to your other post.
    Please only one thread per question.

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