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    Default Employee Database using an Array

    Hello i need your help on how to create an Employee Database using an array to store the employee’s first name, last name, ID Number, gender, date of birth, address (containing street name, city, state and postal code), employment date, employment status (Probation or Confirmed), designation (job title/position), department, employment type (full-time or part-time) and salary. please its urgent i have tried creating it but i don't have an idea...

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    Your post has been converted into a thread. Please read the FAQ before posting again - even if your issue is urgent.
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    Make a class that will hold the fields that you want.
    Java Code:
    class Employee {
        String firstName;
        String lastName;
        int IDNumber;
         * gender;         // decide on type, could be a String
         * date of birth;  // could be a Date or String
        public Employee(String last, String first, int n, ...) {
            lastName = last;
            firstName = first;
            IDNumber = n;
    Then make an array of the class type.
    Java Code:
    int size = size_desired
    Employee[] employees = new Employee[size];
    // add an Employee - set the first element of the array:
    employees[0] = new Employee("Hancock", "John", 1522, ...);
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