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    Default Problem In Swing Components

    I have no. of problems related to Swing. If you have the solution do reply to me.

    MY problems are:
    1) JTABLE: I want to decide the no. of rows at runtime. Actually I need to show the database entries via Table. And these entries can be any no. So How I can Do this????

    2) JTABLE: Second problem with JTABLE is : whenever I write something on the Table Cells, It remains at the left most part of the cell. But I want , It should be at the Center(I try for "Center" but Its not working). More specific: I want my table to work Like the Tables in Ms EXCEL.

    3) JTEXTAREA: Whenever I write something, it continues in a single line until and unless I press enter button. Can't be possible that when Boundary encounters cursor automatically move to next line(Like MS WORD); (And SAME WITH JTEXTFIELD.)

    4) BUTTONGROUP: Its not working in JDK1.5. Any other alternative

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    1 use a DefaultTableModel in your table and then call setRowCount in the model:
    Java Code:
    Java Code:
    DefaultTableCellRenderer renderer =
    Java Code:
    4 I have never had trouble with ButtonGroup in j2se 1.5
    How are you using it to conclude that it is "not working?"

    See Lesson: Using Swing Components for more.

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