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    Default The vm file is not being rendered properly


    Java Code:
    <body> <h1>Schedule Execution Notification</h1> <p>Schedule <b>${}</b> started executing at $date.format('EEEE dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss',$execution.creationDate) for a duration of $date.format('mm:ss',$execution.duration) minutes resulting in <i><b>#if(${schedule.passed})a pass#{else}failure#end</b></i>.</p> <p/> <table cellspacing="0" border="1" cellpadding="0"> <tr> <th>Name</th> <th>Type</th> <th>Duration</th> <th>Result</th> </tr> #foreach($result in $execution.resultSet) <tr> <td>#if($result.type=="TEST_RESULT") ${} #else ${} #end</td> <td>#if($result.type=="TEST_RESULT") Test #else Suite #end</td> <td>$date.format('mm:ss',$result.duration)</td> <td>${result.passed}</td> </tr> #end </table> <p/> <p class="signature">Regression System</p> </body>
    I have the above code in .vm file but it is not rendering the #foreach block.

    I am wondering if it is being executed or not.Can anyone help on how to check if there is any value set variable i used in foreach block like execution.resultSet , ,

    I am trying to write code so that the above information will not be dispalyed in a tapestry page but will be attached as email and sent to users.

    My email is getting generated and being sent to my inbox but the content looks as below:

    Schedule Execution Notification
    Schedule testing binary started executing at Monday 04/03/2013 17:56:57 for a duration of 30:14 minutes resulting in .
    Name Type Duration Result
    Regression System

    Please give me some suggestions as to why its not showing the values below the columns Name,Type,Duration,Result.

    INFO:It works if i use it as a plain HTML code.

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    Default Re: The vm file is not being rendered properly

    Can you format it?
    That's unreadable.
    Please do not ask for code as refusal often offends.

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