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    Default Creating Numbered Headings to a Paragraph in Word Document using APACHE POI

    Hello Everyone ,

    In writing to a word document using Apache poi , for the places where dynamically a paragraph has to get replicated based on some "count" , the headings for those paragraphs has to be numbered sequentially as per the section . Say if it is the 7th Section in the word document , then the headings for each paragraph in it should be numbered in 7.1 , 7.2 and so on sequentially .

    Though there are certain solutions which I saw , where the xml of the word document was taken into account and XWPFNumbering was used .

    Could there be some other easier way of doing it ?


    What if I have word template that already has a paragraph with a numbered heading and I have to replicate the same multiple times ? Does there exists any solution to it ?

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    Default Re: Creating Numbered Headings to a Paragraph in Word Document using APACHE POI

    If you're forever cleaning cobwebs, it's time to get rid of the spiders.

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