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    Default How to create charts in Word using POI in Java


    Can some one please help me out in creating charts in Word using POI in java


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    Default Re: How to create charts in Word using POI in Java

    What have you tried? Where are you having problems?
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    Default Re: How to create charts in Word using POI in Java

    Although POI has come a long way, I very much doubt if POI is able to do what you want.

    While looking for some examples for this, I ran across this gem: Creating MS Word document in java
    Note this is posted in the "struts" section, but the real amusing part is the solution. Given the domainname, I expected this answer to be useless, but the cluelessness is priceless...
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    Default Re: How to create charts in Word using POI in Java

    The most complete part of POI is its Excel integration.

    The least complete part is its Word integration. I don't think anything has been done on it in years.
    From the Apache page for it:
    Both HWPF and XWPF could be described as "moderately functional". For some use cases, especially around text extraction, support is very strong. For others, support may be limited or incomplete...
    In essence the code does what the people who wrote it need it to do, which was essentially data extraction, with less and less working functionality the further from that area you get.

    I'm never quite sure what people who want to edit or produce Word docs need that ability for. If it's reporting or something then there are far better targets (like PDF).
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